Welcome to the space of composer, producer and sound designer
Dany Lurette

The Haunting of Hill House | Rescored

It | Rescored

Reimagining the score for the trailer of 2017 film IT, the iconic 1986 horror story by the legendary Stephen King.

Flee | Music & Sound Design

Original score and sound design for the award-winning 3D animated short film Flee. It’s the story of a young carefree mosquito exploring his new world, until his safety is threatened by a dark gloomy figure.

Mad Max: Fury Road | Rescored

Sound design and rescoring for the action-packed film Mad Max. A unique challenge to sonically re-position the trailer of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Dream to the Sky | Music & Sound Design

Original score and sound design for the 3D animated short film Dream to the Sky. A curious young inventor is enthralled with her dream of building a flying machine.

The Lighthouse | Rescored

My take on the music for the trailer of the beautiful film The Lighthouse, a visual delight for the eyes that inspired me to musically embrace and explore its dark, moody elements.

Westworld | Scoring Competition

My submission to Spitfire Audio’s 2020 scoring competition for the popular television series Westworld.

Little Nightmares | Rescored

Little Nightmares is a horror-adventure game filled with surprises, jump scares and compelling storytelling – a fun challenge and a true pleasure to rescore.